At Reynold Weddings, we are constantly innovating to give you a choice unmatched by any of our competitors.

Choose from the list of wedding themes to give your wedding a unique flavour and to create a magical moment your guests will not easily forget!

We can also create any theme that you dream of.

The Themes mentioned below, can be used for a single wedding function, like for the Mehndi, Sangeet or Wedding Reception , or they can be used as an entire wedding theme.

Royal Indian Wedding Theme
Every Bride is a Queen on her Wedding day and we at Reynold Weddings know what it takes to create a Royal Indian Wedding.

Recline on a silver throne as you get your Mehndi done amidst the setting of a Palace with velvet with rich Indian embroidery covered bolsters and mattresses, while traditional Indian lamps bask the whole venue with a warm glow.

Magnificent symbol of love the Taj Mahal to be the stage and backdrop for your Sangeet.

Watch your Prince Charming astride the ceremonial Ghodi or a Royal Elephant, arriving with his Baraat of royal musicians, dressed in all their finery.

Your bejeweled Mandap is painted in gold, draped with rich fabrics and adorned with exotic and rare flowers.

Viva Goa Theme
Welcome to a land where the Sun meets the Sky as the surf and sand join to create picture perfect settings. Goa!! A place where the sun never sets and fun never ends …

Amidst the setting of a Goan Village, Traditional Goan Folk Dancers will entertain your guests. Around the venue a traditional Goan potter, basket weaver, feni distiller and garland maker will sit making their crafts, adding to the ambience, while your guests sip on Feni cocktails and coconut drinks.

Arabian Nights Wedding Theme:
Take a flight of fancy on your special day. Bring back the splendor of a Thousand Nights at your Arabian Nights Theme. Let your guests relax on mattresses in gaily-colored tents as they are served by nubile maidens in harem pants.

Watch a Belly Dancer move as you soak in the magical atmosphere with a Hookah and flavored tobacco. Re-live the charmed life of a Prince & Princess in a Palace setting with minarets and towers, silk and flowers and a bejeweled throne.

Snap your fingers and we will make this magical experience a reality for you.

This Theme can be used for a single wedding function, like for the Mehndi, Sangeet or Wedding Reception , or it can be used as an entire wedding theme.

Romantic Beach Wedding Theme:
The gentle lapping of the waves and setting sun serve as a magnificent backdrop to your wedding, as your bridesmaids walk down the aisle to Pachelbel's Canon in D Major played by a string quartet.

Imagine the soft sand caressing your feet as you walk down the aisle, strewn with petals, to meet your soul mate and pledge your eternal love, under a white canopy with delicate chiffon drapes and lilies.

Fairytale Theme:

Welcome to the "Magical Neverland"

Take a sprinkling of fairy dust,
An angel's single feather,
Also a dash of love and care,
Then mix them both together.
Add a sentiment or two,
A thoughtful wish or line,
A touch of stardust, a sunshine ray

- Author Unknown

A magnificent day it is when the real world and fairytale kingdom collide. Evoke the world of enchanted forests and magical creatures with a fairytale theme party. Imagine a Fairytale night, set in a faraway land where fairy lights dance to an almost forgotten tune. A beautiful mysterious maiden wearing a light shimmery gown with her hair, entwined in ribbons and wild flowers, flowing gently down steals the heart of a young charming prince….

The Bond Fever:
An evening shrouded in mystery and glamour, step out of your shoes, step into the larger than life ambiance of the movies…with the most suave, thrilling entertainer of them all … JAMES BOND.

An ambiance of glamour and mystery, with breathtaking lights, a glorious right-out-of– Hollywood set up, the entire venue adorned with Cutouts from James Bond movies placed at strategic points, cutouts of guns and other paraphernalia placed all around the area.

Swanky James Bond style cars cutouts will be placed at prime locations, as the showcase
masterpieces, a tribute to the 007’s love for magnificent cars…